Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Family Photograph

My apologies for the time I have been away from the blog. It's time I got back to you.

As Christmas approaches, the humans think about getting their website up to date (www.andrewandmikki.co.uk). Naturally, the website has a section devoted to me and one feature is a group picture of me with all the rest of my family - the other Figaro cuddly toys/plushes in the house - around me.

In the last year, two new members have joined the family and I'm sorry to report the humans have neglected to update the family photograph until now.  So here's the result.  This is a special preview for the blog as it is not yet on the website.

We have found a different settee to pose on but, as you can see, I am still in the middle.  The new members of the family are "Twin" (who looks a little like I did when I was young) and "Flat Tail" (who joined us on our August trip to Disney World).  "Twin" is on one of the stools in front of the settee and "Flat Tail" in on one of the cushions behind me. 

It's quite an effort getting all the Figaros in the house into one place but I must say we are very good at sitting still while one of the humans takes our portrait picture.  I think I shall add this to my list of "Why Toy Cats are Better than Real cats".  Imagine trying to get 24 real cats to sit still for a group picture!
More of the blog soon, I hope.  Meanwhile, I should remind everyone that I have been busy getting my pictures on Andrew's Instagram account and I have no intention of letting him stop doing that.  Look for me on Instagram on andrew1987young


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