Friday, 27 September 2013

I Have Been Busy - Honest

Many apologies to all my fans.  I know you must have been missing my blog posts terribly over the last month.  Please understand I have been busy and I have lots to tell you now.  I have been in Florida with my humans for about 3 weeks of the time.  We spent a few days in Tampa and then went on to Walt Disney World for the rest of the time. Here is one of Disney's Photopass pictures of my human Mikki with the mouse whose name sounds like hers.
While we were there, I had lots of pictures in new places or with other characters.  I also worked very hard writing a Trip Report for the Intercot discussion board.  I am afraid it has not gone up there yet but I am hoping Mikki will be able to deal with it soon.

Meanwhile, I shall also be using my human, Andrew's Instagram account to show you some of the pictures I had taken.  You can find them by looking for andrew1987young on Instagram.  I'm afraid that he does sometimes up up pictures that don't have me on them but I have given him enough good pictures to keep him busy for the next few days.

There are lots more I will be telling you about.  For one thing, I have a new cousin - "Flat Tail Figaro".  As so often, I'm not sure about the name the humans give to my family members but the new Figaro is really cute.  Look out for another post about him.

And here's a photo from our final day - again by Disney's Photopass.  Rapunzel was so nice and pleased to see me but I think it was Cinderella's idea that they both give me a kiss.

I like kisses - and cuddles.


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