Thursday, 31 July 2014

Off to Walt Disney World

Less than a week to go before my humans and I will be in Walt Disney World.  We will arrive on Wednesday 6th at Kidani, Animal Kingdom Lodge after flying by Virgin Upper Class to Orlando International (I'm really looking forward to that).  We will rush straight to the Animal Kingdom park to get our park passes because we will need them for the Sunrise Safari we are doing the very next morning.

We are staying at Kidani for only 2 nights before going away from Disney to do other things over the weekend.  We come back to Kidani on Monday 11th August and will be staying until Saturday 16th.

We are all pleased to hear the latest news that London Gatwick Airport is hiring more staff to deal with luggage delays but we just hope everything is sorted and we are not affected.  Of course, I always travel in hand luggage but that's not the point.

We are looking forward to seeing a number of friends from Intercot while we are in Walt Disney World.

My apologies for all my blog fans but please remember there are also chances to see me on Instagram and I have been a lot more active there recently. I get my pictures posted by my human andrew1987young


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