Monday, 13 May 2013

In Monet's Garden

This is a picture of my human, Mikki when she visited the famous garden of the painter Monet at Giverny, France.  That was a couple of years ago now but she really enjoyed the trip and still has fond memories of it.  It wasn't perfect, of course:  I wasn't there for her to cuddle because I had to stay at home to look after my other human, Andrew.

Well, now we have a different sort of picture of Monet's garden, delivered just a few days ago. It has been hung in the kitchen where lots of people will see it.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are seen standing on the same bridge that my Mikki is standing on in my top picture.  Now she only wants for us all to go again so that Andrew can go round and take a picture of her and me from the same angle that the new picture of Mickey and Minnie is from.

Life is such fun with my humans.


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