Monday, 29 April 2013

Rather Special Motor Cars

On our trip round the south of England, we made two visits to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.  Here is my human, Andrew, showing me one of the exhibits.
Yes, for fans of films other than Disney animation, this is the underwater car used by Roger Moore as James Bond in "The Spy Who Loved Me".  It was one of the many fascinating Bond cars at the museum.  These ranged from Goldfinger's Rolls Royce to several from the latest film, "Skyfall".  There were also several other vehicles such as boats and "Little Nellie", the auto-gyro from "You Only Live Twice".

Rather like our trip to the Harry Potter studios, it was a chance to see what the reality is behind the magic you see on the screen. And for real Ian Fleming fans, the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was there too.

There were also all sorts of more or less "real" cars. Here is one that was very real even if it never drove on a road.  It is one my human Andrew is old enough to remember.
It is "Bluebird".  This is the very car in which Donald Campbell set the land speed record of 403 mph in 1964 - a record that still endures for a wheel driven vehicle.  The model next to it, by the way, is of Thrust SST, which holds the current record (and the first to break the sound barrier on land).

Andrew says I need not mention that both record-breakers were British.  You may think people would have to be mad to take the risks involved in these records but perhaps the British are.  After all, my humans let their toy cat write a blog.

They also cuddle him.   Yes, now.


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