Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We were Attacked

My human Andrew had his computer attacked by a virus. It was one of those nasty ones that puts up a message that looks just like one of the real security messages from Microsoft and then starts attacking your computer - starting with your own anti-virus software.

Fortunately, my humans are alert to this sort of thing so knew pretty quickly that it was a bogus message - but it had already set to work.

It had sailed past Andrew's McAffee security suite and was busy making itself impossible to remove. Andrew keeps all his data on external drives so he was quick to disconnect them and save that. Mikki then started doing research on her own computer - which had not been affected.

We tried a ffew things and were afraid we were looking at re-formatting the hard drive when Mikki discovered a stand-alone cleaning tool from Kaspersky, downloaded it to a USB Flash Drive and used it on Andrew's PC. It worked - or at least sufficiently to get the machine up and running again. We then installed the full Kaspersky protection (ditching useless McAffee) and caught a few more of the nasty little Trojans.

OK, that isn't the only reason I haven't posted anything for a week or so. We have been away again. This time, no photos of me!! Meeoww.

So I have put a photo up tht has nothing to do with the subject except that it is a lot more cheerful. It is me playing with a statue of Ariel on "Disney Wonder" during our previous cruise. Yes, we are stil looking forward to our "Magic" cruise in the summer.


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