Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Car

My humans took delivery of a new car today. It is very smart and has a special place where I can stand. It is actually the same type as their previous car. The make is Honda and the model is Jazz (at least that's what they call it in the UK: it may have a different model name elsewhere). There have been a few improvements over the years. There is a little round space in front of the passenger seat where a toy cat can stand; there is one of those hybrid engines for fuel ecomony; and there are lots of new electronics. And did I mention the special place where I could stand . . .

The salesman wanted to take a picture and here it is (or part of it: for some reason the salesman wanted to get the whole car in the original!). I even got out of my special place to stand and stood up at the front so you can see me clearly in the picture.

It's nice to see my humans are both wearing Disney sweats. Mikki has a DVC Member one and Andrew a Cruise Line one (the logo on his is a bit smaller). They bought both - at different times - at the Disney outlets. Mikki felt quite irritated that they were selling DVC "member only" merchandise at the outlet - but at least she got the advantage of it.

We had a very smooth ride home. It is only the first day but I am sure the car will be a great success.

I like car rides with my humans.

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