Thursday, 17 March 2011


My humans are (well, Mikki is) starting to think more about Disney holidays so I thought it was time to remember some more of the characters from our last trip to Florida. Here I am with Lotso (or is it Lots-O as in "Lots-O'-Huggin"). He was in the Animation Building at the Studios.

Yes, he is rather big isn't he? He is only supposed to be a toy bear so I don't know why they decided he needed to be that big. I was almost lost in his arms. I suspect he couldn't see where I was or what he was doing with me so I was quite pleased my Mikki stayed next to me while Andrew took the picture.

I'm still very disappointed that Lotso didn't redeem himself in any way in "Toy Story 3". He was the first cuddly toy character in the films and he turns out to be a total villain. Meeeoww!

Here's a little reminder in case this giant Lotso has caused any confusion. Hugs with your cuddly toys means you give the toy a hug. Mikki, Andrew, did you hear me. . . Oh yes, Prrrr.

By the way, Lotso did smell of strawberry.

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