Thursday, 9 December 2010


It's been jolly cold here - and so much snow there were a few days the humans didn't get out of the house. I was very glad of the extra cuddles, but I'm pleased things are getting a little warmer now. They were getting a bit irritable wandering about the house!

Mikki went out and took this picture of one of the neighbour's lights on the driveway we share. She thought it made the village look like Narnia in the winter of the White Witch. She said I could go out and get into the picture. I do a lot for my fans - but there are limits.

You can add this to the list of ways toy cats are better than real ones. We don't need to go out in bad weather - and don't need litter trays either.
We all got away for a few days last weekend to the Lake District. The humans were joining a group from Mensa (yes, the high IQ society). They had a lovely time with lots of parties, food, drink and good company. I had a good time snuggling up in the bed there. Apparently, it has been even colder there since we left. On Wednesday the temperature was minus 18 celsius (High IQ people can work out that that's still below zero in Fahrenheit).
Today, we are celebrating that the thermometer is above freezing - and the forecast is that it should do this again tomorrow. With luck, the snow will thaw enough that Mikki can drive the car in and out without getting nervous. That means we will be able to get out to get everything the humans need for Christmas. No, I don't even need a Christmas present buying for me. I just hope for a special little cuddle.

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