Saturday, 20 November 2010


Sorry to have been away from the Blog for a long time. We have been to Walt Disney World and I have been busy posting some trip reports on but my humans have also been busy at home so they have not been able to let me near the computer for some time. I hope that, at least, I can soon complete the trip reports. For one thing, I have to report a visit to the refurbished "Walt Disney Story" at Disney's Hollywood Studios where there is a new exhibit about the film "Pinocchio" and its "breakout star".

For the moment, I thought I would put up this new photograph, which allows me to play a little word game with the word "mug". In the middle is a nice "mug shot" of your favourite black and white toy cat
On the left is my favourite mug (drinking vessel for humans) from a series sold in the UK Disney Stores years ago featuring pictures based on Disney films. This one has Pinocchio and the kind wood carver on one side and on the other - as you should be able to see - it has nice pictures of Figaro and Cleo plus a ludicrously oversized picture of an insect. On the right is one of a pair of mugs some very dear friends gave my human Mikki for her recent birthday. The mugs are for members of the Disney Vacation Club.
Unfortunately, it looks like someone has put the (used only once) DVC mug in a dishwasher (yes, the one at our DVC property) and spoiled the decoration. I can assure our friends that the other, still intact, mug has now beel placed on display where it won't be used by mistake.
The left hand mug has been used regularly for years and machine washed as often. If the right hand mug is like its twin, it had a "not dishwasher safe" warning - instantly washed away. Disney must expect every blearly eyed DVC member to study the base of their morning coffee mugs. Only a mug (fool) would expect DVC's own crockery to be useable in the equipment provided in its resorts!
My British humans can not also help noticing another difference between the two drinking mugs. On the base of the new one it says "Made in China": on the long lasting one it says - in several languanges - "made in England".

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