Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentine Characters

I'm back from my holiday in Walt Disney Woirld just in time to wish everyone a happy Valentine's day.

For anyoe who doesn't know what I have been doing - or has missed my Blog posts - I have been writing a trip report for the Intercot discussion board. Look for me on the trip report forum. As I post this, I have finished writing the report but my humans haven't posted it all yet.

Here also is my Valentine's day picture. It is Thumper and Miss Bunny from "Bambi". For once, I thought I should let you see the picture without me or my humans. Thumper and Miss Bunny look very friendly: quite twitterpated! We met them at Disney's Animal Kingdom a week or so ago. We were the first people (possibly the only people) waiting for them when they arrived at Camp Minnie-Mickey. It was raining at the time and you can see the unbrellas they had carried in the picture. It was very cute.

There were lots of reminders of Valentine's day while we were in Florida. Mikki bought Andrew a card which had no message on the front but just a lovely 3D picture of Tinker Bell. We also saw Mickey Mouse Valentine cards in packs of 6. Somehow that amused my humans. Well, so may people must love him and he's such a kind mouse that perhaps Mickey sends lots of cards.

Those who have been reading my trip report will also know there was a Marie toy with a rose in her mouth. In the end she did not come home with us (although my Mikki now has two real red roses in the house).

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