Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. My only hesitation comes from the fact that whenever my humans hear news of other people's New Year Message (like UK's Prime Minister), they either shout at the television or turn off the sound.
We had a wonderful New Year's eve. I had lots of cuddles. OK, some people may be boring and say what I mean is that the humans went to bed before midnight - but I much prefer my version. We woke up about midnight when some neighbours let off fireworks. I am sure they were very good but you understand we have got a little spoiled over the years with fireworks. We are looking forward to Disney fireworks. We will be able to see them every evening. We won't have to wait until midnight - and we hope it will be warmer than England even though we hear there is a bit of a cold snap over there at the moment. Mikki is hoping to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the lounge in Bay Lake Tower during our stay there (11 days to go, and counting).
Yes, we are starting to get busy with preparations. Mikki is getting together all the papers we will need. Many come electronically, so she has spent a lot of the morning printing them out. She is also making out a timetable of what we will be doing. It is starting to sound quite exciting- although we do not plan in advance in anything like the detail some people do.
Being New Year, it's also time for those things called Resolutions. I'm hoping the humans keep the one about a lot more cuddles this year. It must be me they're talking about.

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