Monday, 15 March 2010

"Tweedles" in Wonderland (Characters 12)

Last week, my humans went to see a film (movie) in the cinema for the first time in years. In fact it was their first visit to the local cinema (theatre) complex since it opened. The reason was a combination of three events: the cinema had 3D equipment installed in one of its screens; "Alice in Wonderland" was on; and the humans discovered that even with a supplement for 3D the cost was very reasonable if you went mid-week!

So, my humans have seen the latest "Alice" in 3D - and they enjoyed it. Andrew did say it is many years since he learned not to expect a film to be like a book just because it had the same title so he was ready for something that was more "inspired by" than "based on". But the story was good. Both my humans agreed Johnny Depp was ideal as the Mad Hatter.
The 3D added to the overall effect without being overwhilming or gimmicky. The problem for my Andrew is that he can't see very well and often uses a small telescpe to watch movies. This isn't possible with 3D because you need both eyes. He and Mikki sat towards the front but he still thinks he must have missed a great deal - especially with the visual richness and complexity he associates with Tim Burton.
They didn't take me but I thought this was a chance to search our old photos for a picture of me with some "Alice" characters. This is of Tweedledum and Tweedeledee in the square in the UK pavilion at Epcot in 1999. I'm afraid the picture quality is not as good as some because of the camera we were using at the time but, yes, I did have more fur round by ears then.
I think I'd rather be cuddled by this pair than the "fat boys" of the latest film.

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