Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wedding in Bermuda

We have been busy for a few days again. Well, the humans have been busy. Can you believe they even went away for two nights and left me behind? Yes, I had the run of the house but it's not the same. I have had a few strong words with them! Anyway, I can now catch up with my news. First, here is some more about Bermuda.

Mikki's brother was married in August. I think I've shown you a picture of the place where the ceremony was to take place, so here is one taken on the day. No, this is not the Bride and Groom - although it is taken under the moon gate where they exchanged vows. It is of my humans. And yes, you will notice that, again, I am not in the picture. Well, somebody had to hold the camera (actually, that wasn't me either). There were lots of beautiful official photos taken and I think they may be on the web somewhere soon and I don't want to be accused of anticipating things.

You can see it was a lovely day in every way. The ceremony was delightful - and very relaxed by English standatds. My Mikki was specially impressed by the bit where the Minister presents the husband and wife to the assembled guests after they have signed the registers. She thought it was a lovely idea and one she is not used to in England. The food was tasty and the drink was generous. The weather was perfect. We had a canopy shading us from the sun. As the sun set, we all rushed to get more photos like the one on this post. Later, the humans had a disco and everyone enjoyed themselves some more. We were also lucky that Hurricane Bill didn't come past until the following week!

It was a very special occasion.

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