Thursday, 17 September 2009

Swimming: Bermuda style

The day after the wedding, my humans went out on a boat. That means going out to sea - where there is lots and lots of water and a toy cat could very easily get lost. I was very happy to stay in our hotel room but I thought I should tell you about it as my final post about our trip to the island.

So, I haven't seen the boat but it sounds like it is a beauty. It has just been bought by my Mikki's sister and her husband. It has lots of special features for fishing (which please him) and lovely cabins below (which please her). Please remember that toys of toon cats don't eat real fish. If I want to know what toon Figaro thinks of sea fishing, I'll go and watch Pinocchio: the scene inside Monstro!

It's ths swimming that my humans enjoyed. What you do is this. On a Sunday, you take your boat out, well stoccked with food and drink. You find a calm bay and join a group of friends in other boats where you tie your boats together, side by side. Then you all go off the stern of your boats and laze about in the water like you can see my Mikki and her brother doing in the picture. Yes, this is the man who was married the day before.

As you can probably guess, it was a very relaxing afternoon. Lots of adults bobbed about on floatation devices ("noodles") and drank wine or beer. There were some children but they went off on their own in an inflatable dinghy and did more sensible, active things. Mikki stayed in the water longer than she realised (and caught more sun than she intended too), but did enjoy herself a lot. If you want to go swimming (or floating) in the sea, Bermuda has very clear advantages over England.

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