Friday, 18 September 2009

Back to Disney

At last! Those darned humans have finished talking about Bermuda and I can get back to thinking about my next trip to Walt Disney World.

Take this morning. We were all lying in bed when one of the humans asked, "Why do people want to go on holiday when they can just lie in bed cuddling?". This was double perplexing for me. For one thing, I wasn't getting cuddled at the time. For another, the answer was easy. We go on holiday (vacation) so I can have my picture taken and can play "commander cat" on Mission Space. Oh, yes, and there is so much more. And it's not all about me: I let the humans go on Soarin and Big Thumder Mountain and Peter Pan and . . . .

So here is a picture of me with some of my cousins in front of Cinderella Castle. You can see we had to sit on the trash can but they keep those so clean in Disney World that we didn't mind.. Just look at that lovely blue sky and imagine how warm it will be when we next go back. OK, it will be January and it isn't always very warm in January (unless you mean warm compared to England or most of the rest of North America). But that's not the point. It's vacation time, and it's Walt Disney World and everything will be magical. And we will be staying at Bay Lake Towers and at Kidani Village so there will be lots of new places for me to have my picture taken; and we can go and meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell and her friends and whatever new characters they have behind the Animation Gallery at the Studios; and I can have cuddles and ... and ..., oh! Prrr, Prrr.

And a lot of things will be the same as ever. The picture was taken a few years ago but Cinderella Castle will still be there at the end of Main Street. Oh did I mention we can ride on the Main Street trolley and if we are lucky the Dapper Dans will come and sing to us while we do it. And the humans can have cakes at the Bakery (keep your sticky fingers off me until you have cleaned them please) and ... and... .
Gosh, it's less than 4 months away.

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