Thursday, 21 March 2013

Villas at Wilderness Lodge

We spent the first few days of our holiday in Florida at the Disney Vacation Club section of Wilderness Lodge, the Villas.  We had a pleasant studio room that must have been about as close to the entrance as you can get.  This was specially helpful for Mikki when she had to push Andrew in a wheelchair:  shortest distance.

The room was on the ground floor, which meant that instead of a balcony we had a small verandah.  It wasn't bigger than the balconies - and it had just the same table and chairs - but it meant the planting was all around us so there was a lovely feeling of being out in the woods.  You can see a little of it behind me here.
You can also see that the sun was shining.  Even though it was January, it was warm enough for the humans and Me to sit out at times.

My human Andrew really loves the lounge areas at the Villas.  There's lots of dark wood and brick and big comfortable chairs.  It's also almost always deserted so you are quite likely to have the place to yourself.  This is a little sad in one way because there are some really interesting exhibits in there.  There are model railway engines and trucks from the "Carolwood Pacific" railway.  I need not tell anyone who knows Disney that this was the railway Walt Disney ran in his own back yard at home so these are genuine treasures.

No, my picture is not of the trains but of one of the big, comfortable chairs. I am joined on it by the latest addition to the Figaro family, known as my "Twin".  This is because although he is new to our family, he is of just the same design.  Yes, I looked like that when I was new.
.Now put the camera down and come over here and give us both a cuddle.

Prrrr Prrrr

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