Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Clever Electronic Toys

You can never tell with humans!  You work hard on them for years, you think you've got them well trained, and then they start having silly ideas of their own and almost forget you entirely.

As you must know, we traditional toys live in special fear of clever electronic toys (as Woody was with Buzz).  My humans have been really full of their electronic toys lately.  First came a "capsule" computer (or was it "tablet", I don't like learning all this human electronic jargon either).  The big advantage of these (or as I see it, big disadvantage) is that they are very portable.  So the humans started carrying it about the house with them.  Worst of all, they sat playing with it in the bed when they woke up in the morning.  That's what I'm for.  Next it was something to help them use the "tablet" away from home.  This ended up with Mikki getting a new telephone - which she now plays with constantly.  Today, we went on a car ride and they even played with both.  They used the telephone as a mobile (let me get this right) "hot spot" and "tethered" the capsule to it.  I often go with them in the car and whoever is not driving is supposed to play with me!

I was getting a little depressed, so I thought of Walt Disney World. This is a nice picture from when we were there during one of the "Flower and Garden Festival" events.  We all like the flowers and it's a lovely time of year (May) when it's not too hot or too crowded.  More recently, they have done more and more topiary type arrangements - although I fear very few are "true" topiary in the sense of being grown as bushes and shaped just by clipping.

So I have this picture of me with my "stunt kitten" and a topiary.  It reminds me that there are some people who get permanently depressed - and I don't want to be like them.

And for the next few days, Mikki is taking all the new electronic gadgetry away when she goes to watch tennis in her home town of Eastbourne.  She will also be visiting old family friends.  This means that I will have Andrew completely to myself.

It also means, Mikki, that you won't be able to cuddle me for several days - so what about now?

Prrrr Prrrr.


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