Saturday, 30 June 2012

Being on Your Own

My human Mikki has been away a lot this week and last.  Most of the time she left Andrew to look after me and I suppose he's done his best but it's not the same.  For one night, he went too!  I miss my humans when they leave me alone.

So here's a picture of me with no humans to cuddle me and no other toys to play with.  Pinocchio may be a Disney character but this one is just a bronze statue (it's one of the ones around the "Hub" at the Magic Kingdom).

Mikki has been away watching tennis.  Last week, she went to the tournament at Eastbourne, on the south  coast of England.  This is the town where Mikki grew up so she also visited people and places she hadn't seen for a long time.  This week it was Wimbledon for the tennis there.  Andrew doesn't go to the tennis because he can't see well enough to appreciate it so thinks it unfair to deprive someone else, who can see and enjoys the game, of the ticket.  Mikki has taken her aunt.

Mikki has been telephoning - using one of those awful new electronic toys (which she did take with her) and told us she had really enjoyed the tennis she saw on both days at Wimbledon.  She also offered Andrew and me "zen hugs" over the 'phone, but it wasn't the same.

And now, Saturday afternoon, she is home.  Yippeee.  Prrrr,  Prrrr,  Prrrr

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