Friday, 25 May 2012

25 Years Ago - First Visit

My humans were married on 23rd May 1987 - so they celebrated their silver anniversary a couple of days ago.  They are having a party for lots of friends and family tomorrow (Saturday).  Fortunately, it looks like the weather in England will be kind for once and they will have the party on the decking by the river that flows past our house.

River? . . water?   You guessed, I'll just be staying in bed.  I may get to know what happens so I can tell you in a later post.

Meanwhile, it is a time to look back.  My humans first visit to Walt Disney World was their honeymoon so they were there 25 years ago today.  Here's my Mikki with their Mickey.

Walt Disney World has changed a lot over the years (I am told).  For one thing, there were only two theme parks (MK and Epcot Center - although the studios park was being built) and one water park (River Country).

Another difference is that my humans were staying off property at a hotel on International Drive.  They had a limited number of shuttle buses they could use and had to fit everything into a 3 day ticket.  There was none of the relaxed fun you get when you can jump on a bus when you like and say as short a time as you like using your annual pass.

And the biggest problem was that they had no toy kitten either for them to cuddle or for Mckey to cuddle.  I may have been around for some time but not that long!!.. So here's another picture from our latest visit (January this year) where Mickey Mouse is able to give me some more attention.

I have been forbidden to make any comment on any changes to Mikki or Mickey over the years.  I think they both look super in both pictures.

Oh, and I'm sure Mikki did take Andrew on her honeymoon.  I guess he isn't in the picture because he was taking it.  There was no Photopass then.


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