Friday, 1 October 2010

Gardens of Madeira

Here is another picture of me on my last holiday - to Madeira. Madeira is famous for its flowers and gardens. Mikki went to the most famous but came away a little disappointed. There were layouts that looked lovely from a distance but once she got close, she thought the individual plants were not very well tended. Also, she thought the paths were very uneven. Unfortunately for Madeira, my humans both come from towns in England that are famous for their public parks and displays of flowering plants.

My humans are also spoiled because they are accustomed to the gardens of Walt Disney World. They are also accustomed to the smooth and well maintained paths of Walt Disney World. Andrew was very conscious of this because he doesn't see well. When he has to spend all his time watching his feet, he missed what little he could see of the things around him.

My picture is taken from another garden. Mikki decided I had to pose on these stepping stones surrounded by water. She says she was very careful with me but I was a bit worried anyway.

Looking at the photo, I think I look quite bright and clean. My white fur is white. Mikki wasn't convinced and has forced me into my bath. Apart from the discomfort of the bath itself, I end up off the bed for two nights. At least it's over now: as I write this I am almost completely dry.

Less than 2 weeks to go now. Mikki is making a few more table reservations and fixing Halloween party tickets.


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