Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Dragon in Paris

Mikki had a holiday in France in August - all on her own.

I say it was a holiday but she was only away 5 days and spend the all of the first and last travelling by coach. So neither Andrew nor I were enthusiastic about going.

During the first of the three days in France, the rest of the party wanted to see tourist sights in Paris: up the Eifel Tower (I think it's a bit like the thing thay have on World Showcase at Epcot) and a river cruise. Mikki went instead to Disneyland Paris. She came back with lots of pictures. She had a long lunch at "Walt's" and has pictures of all the wonderful furnishings and decorations - as well as the superbly presented food (she says it tasted good too - but I wouldn't know). But the picture I have chosen is of the dragon. This is a special for Disneyland Paris. There isn't a dragon in California or Florida. It lives in a dark cave under the castle and it surrounds itself with smoke and noise, so it's quite difficult to get a good picture. I think this on's pretty good - just a shame I'm not in it.



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