Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thank you for thinking of me

I'm breaking off from the story of my cruise for a quick, but sincere, "Thank You" note

Of course my humans try to get me other Disney merchandise themed for Figaro. This includes trading pins. They are quite lucky that there aren't that many. Mikki keeps a sharp lookout whenever she is in a park. Yes, she buys pins but she also trades - especially with cast members.

Now I can tell you Mikki had a message from Karentan on the Disboards that she had seen a Figaro pin and was happy to send it to me if I wanted it. Wasn't that nice of her! My Mikki had spent a whole trip searching for that very pin and had finally found it on a 'suit'.

Here is a cute picture of me posing with the pin. Thanks for thinking of me Karentan!

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