Friday, 21 May 2010

Our Cruise

Yes, I had a lovely time on my European river cruise with my humans. Aboard the MS Amacello, we cruised up the Danube, down the Main and the Rhine and navigated the canal that connects them. I think the humans enjoyed themselves a lot - going out on deck to watch everything and even getting in the jacuzzi pool on the sundeck. All that water wasn't really a cat's idea of a good holiday but I was happy enough staying in the cabin almost all the time.
Mind you, the cabin (or "suite" as the tour company called it) was rather comfy. The company was offering very good deals - especially since we chose a cruise that started in March. The only snag was that the only cabin available was the largest and most luxurious. The space was larger than most and the bathroom had a bath as well as a shower (not something I thought important). I don't think the bed was any different from the regular cabins - but it was very confortable. Also, on many days, the cabin steward made clever designs with the towels like this one. Like almost all the cabins, we had floor to ceiling windows. so I could look out when I wanted to.
The humans had a great time on the cruise. They thought the staff were all friendly and helpful; the food was excellent (with efforts made to offer dishes reflecting the areas we were going through); and the lounge areas confortable and not too crowded (the boat was full but only took about 150 passengers). There were also lots of chances to go ashore. A big plus of river cruising in Europe is that all the contries are part of the European Union so there are no borders or customs formalities when you go ashore: you just get off the boat.
The humans visited lots of interesting and historic places. I went with them once. I'll tell you in my next post.
Figaro (the Toy Cat)

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