Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas is coming

It's December and Christmas is on the way. My humans have started to get out the CDs of Christmas carols and we have already been to the Post Office to send our first card (to Australia). This means the humans have now written the Christmas letter they send out with their cards. There's a lot of news about Bermuda this year. I suppose I shall have to forgive them that there seems to be no mention of their favourite toy cat! The cards to the USA and Canada will have to go next week.

We haven't put up any decorations yet but my humans did get several boxes of Christmas things out of their loft when they were up there yesterday looking for something else. The two characters with me in the picture were first to get out of the boxes. You may be able to see that Mickey Mouse has been with us since 1999. Pluto is a little newer. Mickey is very cute (isn't he always). He is always offering people the candy cane in his sack but he always sems to have one left in it. My Mikki seems to like Pluto too. I suppose he's all right. He is a Disney character even though he is a. . . d-o-g.

You won't need me to tell you they are not the only Disney characters in our Christmas things but they were the most pushy - refusing to stay in st***ge any longer. So I had to go and have a chat to them to remind them just who is No. 1 in this house.

OK, it's quite exciting really to start getting ready for the celebrations. I shall have to post a few more pictures as things get going.


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