Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My humans tease me so much

Sometimes, I think my humans are really mean to me. I've had them in the house so long now that I should be accustomed to their jokes and teasing, but once in a while they still get to me.

Every morning, my humans have coffee in bed before they get up. It's worrying enough for their toys that they might spill the coffee but they keep making jokes as well (well, they think they're funny). They have two cups of coffee each and they think it is funny to ask me to go and get the second one for them. Of course, I can do that in a sort of managerial way. I delegate execution (the trip to the kitchen) to Andrew and in the best traditions of managers everywhere I take full credit for everything that goes right and blame him for everything that goes wrong. Well, today, I actually went downstairs with him and presented Mikki with her second cup holding the handle in my paws. What did she do? She complained that I wasn't carrying his cup as well!

Hardly had I done that than they started asking when anyone was having their next bath. Now everyone knows how much Figaro liked his "Bath Night" so I realised we were just starting a "let's tease the toys" session.

Next they talked about the competition Mikki is running on one of the discussion boards with pictures of me. She has been getting a lot more entries than the last time she ran one of these. She's just had a couple of pictures from Disneyland Paris. One of the sad things about Disneyland Paris is that people don't queue (stand in line) for pictures with characters. You just have to push your way in. One of the quiz pictures was from the time Geppetto saw me and he was the one who pushed all the other people aside to get to me and give me a cuddle. Anyway, the humans started to talk about what prize they would give. I'm not going into details but just let me make one thing clear. I love all my fans very much and so do all my brothers and cousins who live in our guest room. But I'm not going to break up the family for you and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to.

I know the humans are only teasing me when they say silly things but sometimes I wonder why I put up with it all. Would anyone like one of them as a quiz prize? Oh yes, I remember now. For the cuddles. Prrrrr.

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