Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nearly Ready

Mikki has finally allowed me to talk about it: we are off to Bermuda again. This trip is for her brother's wedding.

I have just been reading my old post about our visit in March. All I said was that my human Mikki was visiting a family she didn't know she had. Well, you can guess there is a lot more to tell. Mikki was adopted as a baby and the family in Bermuda is her birth family. They hunted her out and the first contact was around Christmas. The big - and wonderful - surprise was that after Mikki was born her father and mother got back together and married so the sister and brother she has in Bermuda are full blood relatives. And the brother is geting married in a week's time.

In March, we stayed with Mikki's sister. She has a lovely house, only slightly spoiled by having a - real alive - cat and dog. Fortunately, Mikki's sister has them permanently banned from the guest bedroom, so it wasn't too worrying for me! This time we are taking a package trip to a hotel because there will be a lot of family visiting the island.

The hotel looks very nice and is actually just across the road from Mikki's sister's house. The hotel is on the beach and also has pools and other facilities. Most interesting, it has a cavern you can visit and sit or swim in it. We are all thinking that might be nice and cool this trip.

Well, you may have guessed that we have all been very busy in the last few days getting ready. The humans are trying to travel light (they always say that but this time they may mean it). The trip will be much shorter than our usual ones to Walt Disney World and they think they can be confident they will not need many warm clothes in Bermuda in August. Of course, they will need their special smart outfits for the wedding. However, I think it was unkind and unfair to suggest that they might try saving weight by not taking me! I try to get used to them teasing me but for a moment I almost thought they were being serious.

Mikki's sister has two young daughters. Mikki feels she has a lot of spoiling to catch up on, so there will (again) be a lot of presents in the luggage (mostly Disney of course: the older daughter is into Hannah Montana). In March, they even got a black and white plush cat (a brother of my cousen "long tail"). I will have to check that he is still all right.

So, to the picture. This is a picture we took in March of the place where the marriage ceremony will take place. Apparently the moon gate is considered to bring good luck so the bride and groom will exchange vows under it. I guess there will be a lot more people there then than there are on the photo.

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