Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Among the Flowers

There has been some warm, sunny weather so I asked my humans to take me out to enjoy the graden. Usually this means I get to sit with the humans on a comfy garden chair getting a cuddle but this time they took me to have a picture taken with pretty flowers. I like flowers. I do not destroy them. My character may be a cartoon cat but not all cartoon cats act like Garfield!

Mikki tried telling me I could stand on the ground and that the earth was clean. I am not taken in that easily. I had Andrew hold me.

These are dahlias. They are especially pretty. The flower throughout the summer and you can keep them over the winter and re-plant them (as Mikki has done this year). I have been told this variety of dahlia may be better known in the US than in the UK. Its name? Let me think. Oh yes, Figaro.

Today, it's raining so I am back in the house writing my Blog. Can I have my cuddle now, please?

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